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Yagoubi, Samira
Yamaguchi, Greice   
Yamin, Ned
Yamin, Yamin 
Yen, Felix
Yep, Christopher 
Yildiz, Pele
Yoko, Etchevaria
Yoon, Wai Mun
Young, Bill 
Young, Bob 
Young, Helen 
Young, Neil
Young, Rhonda 
Youngblood, John
Yousef, Mahmoud 
Yousefzadeh, Behrooz
Yoyen, Sam
Yu, Chen-Fu 
Yudin, Larry



All live backgammon tournament players may submit their details and a photo. If you would like your profile added to the internet database please write an email to us at info@ibgdb.com and you will be sent a form to fill out.

Players have the right to limit how much information about them appears on the site. For example, as a tournament player perhaps you would like to submit just your name, record of wins and a photo but you do not want your age, marital status or other personal information showing... that's up to you, we only publish the answers filled out in the form that you send back to us.

If your name is on a list but you would like to have it removed, or if you see a name spelled incorrectly or anything else, please let us know by email.

If you play only online backgammon, such as free Internet backgammon, or only in online backgammon tournaments, and have never travelled to a live venue to play in person on a real backgammon board, you should not submit your profile.



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