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Naar, Steven
Nadazdin, Sava 
Nadjar, Amschel   
Nadjar, Serge
Nagel Nielsen, Kasper
Nagel, Olaf
Naghibi, Reza
Nahary, Shlomo
Nahas, Antoine    
Nahhas, Marcos
Nahmad, David   
Naim, Simon
Naito, Mamis
Nakamura, Jen
Namdar, Hersel 
Napier, John 
Narboni, Freddy
Narboni, Philippe
Naseri, Vria
Nash, Michael
Nasko, Mr
Nasser, Charles
Natale, Andy
Natale, Franco
Natanzon, Falafel
Natanzon, Matvey
Natchkebia, Kaha
Nathan, David 
Nathan, Roz 
Naustdalslid, Magnar 
Naylor, Alex 
Naylor, David  
Naylor, Lorenzo 
Nazarian, Dana 
Neergaard, Jacob J.
Neergaard, Lars Bo
Neerup-Jensen, Brian
Negre, Yves
Neidecker, Steve
Neilson, Graham 
Nekrassov, Konstantin
Nellist, Roger
Nelson, Brian 
Nelson, Dick
Nelson, Lucky 
Nelson, Mike
Nelson, Pamela 
Nelson, Steve 
Neopmniashiy, Andrey
Nepomniagutchi, Jakov
Neregaard, Jens
Nesbakk, Tommy 
Neto, Tomax 
Neubig, Peggy
Neumann, Peter 
Neumann, Robin
Neumark, Fernando
Nevo, Lee
Newburn, Gail
Newfield, Richard 
Newman, Janice
Nguyen, Minh
Niakiani, Anthony 
Nicholson, Kevin
Nicholson, Sunni 
Nicosia, Guy
Nielander, Anders 
Nielsen, Annette
Nielsen, Anni Bech
Nielsen, Cai 
Nielsen, Chris
Nielsen, Frederik 
Nielsen, Frederik Sevelius
Nielsen, Jens Thorleiff
Nielsen, Jesper M.
Nielsen, Joakim Refslund
Nielsen, John Holm
Nielsen, Kai Torben
Nielsen, Karsten
Nielsen, Kasper 
Nielsen, Kenn Kruuse
Nielsen, Kennet
Nielsen, Kim
Nielsen, Kurt Winther
Nielsen, Lars
Nielsen, Lars Peter
Nielsen, Lise
Nielsen, Mia
Nielsen, Michael Holm
Nielsen, Morten Fogt 
Nielsen, Morten Jul
Nielsen, Ole
Nielsen, Pia Kolind
Nielsen, Pia 
Nielsen, Rolf 
Nielsen, Søren
Nielsen, Stefan G.
Nielsen, Thomas
Nielsen, Thorben Victor    
Nielsen, Tina
Nielsen, Tom Møller
Nielsen, Torben
Nielsen, Ulrik
Niki, Kazu 
Niknam, Nicky
Nikolaisen, Michael
Nikolov, Toni
Nilsen, Elin Haug 
Nilsen, Ingrid Margrethe 
Nilsson, Hanna 
Nilsson, Mikael 
Nisbet, Andy 
Nissani, Moti
Nissen, Charlotte
Nissen, Kenny
Nitschke, Jeff
Nobile, Laura
Nodar, Melia
Noel, Stephane
Noguiera, Ary
Nordentoft, Bernhard
Nordentoft, Clemens
Nordhei, Arne Kristian 
Noreen, Heather 
Norén, Sven-Olav 
Normand, Richard 
Norreen, Claes
Norvit, Thomas
Nowak, Steffen 
Nowbar, Reza
Nowtash, Arjang
Nuemann, Bob
Numazawa, Kazuko
Nunez, Glenn
Núñez, Justin 
Nuniyants, Stepan
Nuttall, Martin 
Nyitray, Ed
Nymand, Bjørn


All live backgammon tournament players may submit their details and a photo. If you would like your profile added to the site please write an email to us at and you will be sent a form to fill out.

Players have the right to limit how much information about them appears on the site. For example, as a tournament player perhaps you would like to submit just your name, record of wins and a photo but you do not want your age, marital status or other personal information showing... that's up to you, we only publish the answers filled out in the form that you send back to us.

If your name is on a list but you would like to have it removed, or if you see a name spelled incorrectly or anything else, please let us know by email.

If you play only online backgammon, such as free Internet backgammon, or only in online backgammon tournaments, and have never travelled to a live venue to play in person on a real backgammon board, you should not submit your profile.



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