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Laak, Phil
Laaly, N. 
Laborde, Antoine
Labrosse, Lewis    
Ladanyi, Paul
Laebel, Sonny
Lafon, Olivier
Lagana, Lorenzo    
Lagenbach, Rudy
Lagerhed, Patrik
Laight, Colin 
Lakdawala, Jim
Lamb, Jonathan 
Lambert, Benjamin
Lamford, Paul
Lammermann, Petra
Lamote, Michel 
Lampe, Jordan
Ländin, Hans 
Landqvist, Sebastian 
Landry, Bill 
Landström, Stig 
Lang, Ben
Lang, Chaim 
Langenbach, Rudy 
Langh, Karina
Langhoff, Karina
Lankaranian, Ramin
Lapikens, Uldis 
Lappalainen, Mika 
Larceri, Angelo
Larios, Mark 
Larriere, Pascal
Larsen, André 
Larsen, Chris
Larsen, Georg B.
Larsen, Helene
Larsen, Henrik
Larsen, John
Larsen, Ken
Larsen, Kim Arne
Larsen, Kirsten
Larsen, Kjell 
Larsen, Mark Lillelund
Larsen, Michael K.
Larsen, Mogens T.
Larsen, Monica B.
Larsen, Niels Skov
Larsen, Peter Bjørn
Larsen, Rainer
Larsen, Renè Koch
Larsen, Sally
Larsen, Søren Hedegaard
Larsen, Søren T.
Larsen, Stig O.
Larsen, Tom Cato 
Larson, Judy
Larsson, Lars 
Lass, Raymond
Lasarenko, Jane
Lassen, Morten
Latter, Gail 
Lau, Larry
Lauridsen, Jens
Lauridsen, Tommy
Lauritzen, Jakob
Lauzon, Mike 
Lawand, Tony
Lawless, Mike
Lawless, Tim 
Lawless, Tomothy   
Lazar, Albert
Lazar, Ken 
Le Boulanger, Pierre
Leah, Mark 
Leahy, Terry
Leahy, Tom 
Lean, Bill 
Lear, John
Leatherman, Carol 
Leatherman, Denny
Leavey, John 
Leboulenger, Dominique
LeClerc, Marc 
Lecluse, S  
Lecluse, Stéphane
Lecluze, Jean Luc
Lecomte, Charles
Lecomte, Philippe
Ledun, Antoine
Lee, Albert
Lee, Alison 
Lee, Jacquie 
Lee, Jason
Lee, Martin 
Lee, Seong Ill
Lee, Susan
Lee, Tony
Lefferts, Sharon 
Leger, Rick
LeGlaire, Tim 
Lehmann, Alex
Lehmann, Markus
Lehto, Olavi   
Leighton, Chris
Leist, Ian 
Leistad, Robert Emil 
Lemcke, Dierik
Leming, Landon 
Lemon, Mark 
Lennox-Smith, Alan 
Lenormand, Alexandre
Lentchner, Jeff
Lentz, Steve 
Leong, Salvador 
Leonhardt, Laila
Lepintre, Claude
Leroy, Adrien
Lessard, Robert 
Lessél, Clement
Lessels, Steen
Lestrade, Christian
Leth, Lars
Lethan, Kim
Leveille, Michel
Lever, Brian 
Levermann, Johannes
Levi, David 
Levien, Allen
Levin, Klaus
Levin, Poul
Levine, Bob
Levine, David
Levine, Howard 
Levine, Robert
Levy, Daniel
Levy, Joseph 
Levy, Laurent
Levy, Michel
Levy, Ralph
Levy, Simon
Lewandowski, Jane
Lewandowski, Pete 
Lewandowski, Sarah 
Lewicki, Jean 
Lewis, Dan
Lewis, Gina 
Lewis, Henry 
Lewis, Jay 
Lewis, John 
Lewis, John P 
Lewis, Patrick
Lewis, Tanja
Ley, Frank 
Lezekiel, Chris 
Liberal, Leo
Liby, Hans 
Lidov, Mika
Liebe-Harnort, Christian
Liebenthal, Andrew
Liebster, Larry 
Liechti, Marcel
Lifh, Sture 
Lighton, Rodney 
Lillelund, Kirsten
Lillevold, Rune 
Lilley, Greg
Lillie, Penny 
Limb, Jeremy 
Tim, Line
Lind, Jamie
Lindahl, Laura
Lindauer, Lloyd
Lindauer, Susan 
Lindberg Sørensen, Poul
Lindberg, Mats 
Lindblom, Martin 
Lindblom, Micke 
Lindbom, Robert
Linderoth, Patrick 
Lindgaard, Jorgen 
Lindgren, Kasper
Lindsay, David 
Lindsay, Fred 
Line, Tim 
Lines, Diana 
Lionett, Keld Friis
Lipof, Michael 
Lipscomb, Andrew 
Lipton, Tim 
Liss, Stephen
Liston, Chris 
Little, John
Little, Matt
Little, Philip 
Littlefield, Stan
Littlehailes, Martha 
Littlewood, Jackie 
Livingston, Stan
Ljungkvist, Doug 
Ljungström, Lasse
Lloyd, Richard
Loades, Jenifer
Løber, Henrik
Løber, Lonnie
Løber, Mogens
Lockett, Leslie
Loder, Lenny 
Lodi, Luca
Loew, Thomas
Löfblad, Jonas 
Löfblad, Michael 
Lohr, Gary
Løhr, Sophie
Lombardo, Paul 
Lomuto, Donny
Lonchyna, Melanka
Longman, Troy
Lorentzen, Bjørn Inge H. 
Losnedahl, Halvor 
Loth, Dietmar
Loubo, Poul
Loughman, Mike 
Loughren, Dan
Louis, Alan 
Løvbo, Poul
Lozano, Vincent
Lucas, Curtis
Ludvig Faaren, Arne 
Ludwig, Robert
Lumbra, Bob 
Lumper, Mr  
Luna-Righter, Nora
Lund, Benjamin F.
Lund, Carsten
Lund, Erik
Lund, Michael
Lund, Niels
Lund, Rolf Christian 
Lundgren, Ian 
Lundstrøm, Steffen
Luque, Fernando 
Lusk, Lynn
Lute, Luther 
Lute, Trinna
Luxton, Barbara 
Lvov, Ilia    
Lygteskov, Peter
Lylloff, Morten
Lylloff, Sander
Lynch, Steve 
Lynge, Pierre
Lytton, Cedric 
Lyyjynen, Hannu


All live backgammon tournament players may submit their details and a photo. If you would like your profile added to the site please write an email to us at and you will be sent a form to fill out.

Players have the right to limit how much information about them appears on the site. For example, as a tournament player perhaps you would like to submit just your name, record of wins and a photo but you do not want your age, marital status or other personal information showing... that's up to you, we only publish the answers filled out in the form that you send back to us.

If your name is on a list but you would like to have it removed, or if you see a name spelled incorrectly or anything else, please let us know by email.

If you play only online backgammon, such as free Internet backgammon, or only in online backgammon tournaments, and have never travelled to a live venue to play in person on a real backgammon board, you should not submit your profile.



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