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Earnshaw, Michael 
Eaton, Jesse
Eber, Hayley
Eber, Marion
Eber, Neville    
Eber, Ryan
Ebrahim, Noordin
Ece, Tolga
Edde, Philippe    
Edelmann, Frederic
Edge, Michael
Edwards, David
Edwards, Paul 
Eerslew, Nicki
Egger, Olivier
Eggert, David 
Ehlers, Ann Maibritt
Ehrlich, Lynn  
Eibisch, James 
Eikseth, Roy
Eilertsen, Tore Mentzoni 
Eiloart, Ian 
Einola, Tero
Eir, Jeppe
Eitan, Abraham   
Eitenne, Nicaise 
Ekemen, Nazim    
Ekholm, Marcus 
Eklund Fredriksen, Tore 
Ekmark, Dag    
Ekpenyong, Maurice 
Ekström, Björn 
El Hmoud, Kevin
El Houwayek, Selim    
Elbaz, Moshe    
Elbilia, Jacques
Elgaard, Brian
Elgazar, Harold 
Elghanian, Iraj
Elhaik, Charles   
Elia, Richard 
Elia, Stavros 
Elinevsky, Yoav 
Elken, Claus
Elkeslassy, Danie
Elkin, Steve
Ellenberger, Ken 
Ellerby, Mike 
Elliott, Ben
Ellis, Jeff 
Elmore, Kate
Elston, Russell 
Enbom, Mikael 
Enemark, Jonas
Engelsby-Hansen, John
Enslin, Gerry 
Entel, Gene
Epstein, Alan 
Erbou, Irene
Eren, Halit
Erickson, Scott
Erk, Yalkin
Eriksson, Conny 
Erland, Erik A. 
Erland, Erik D. 
Erol, Caliskan 
Ersöz, Murat 
Ertl, Sascha    
Eskinazi, Ralph 
Espie, Fred
Esposito, Louis 
Esposito, Pete
Esquiva, Louis René
Estacolchic, Paula
Etcheverry, Jean-Marie   
Etter, Evan
Etue, Bill 
Evans, Gil
Evans, Greg 
Evans, James 
Evans, Lee 
Ezra, Michael 
Ezri, Philippe



All live backgammon tournament players may submit their details and a photo. If you would like your profile added to the site please write an email to us at info@ibgdb.com and you will be sent a form to fill out.

Players have the right to limit how much information about them appears on the site. For example, as a tournament player perhaps you would like to submit just your name, record of wins and a photo but you do not want your age, marital status or other personal information showing... that's up to you, we only publish the answers filled out in the form that you send back to us.

If your name is on a list but you would like to have it removed, or if you see a name spelled incorrectly or anything else, please let us know by email.

If you play only online backgammon, such as free Internet backgammon, or only in online backgammon tournaments, and have never travelled to a live venue to play in person on a real backgammon board, you should not submit your profile.



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