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Aabrandt, Troels
Aarabi, Farzin 
Aaronson, Joyce
Aas, Vidar 
Abbey, Brit 
Abbey, Roger
Abecassis, Jean Claude
Åberg, Rikard 
Abesadze, Gia 
Abhissira, Paul    
Abi-Akar, Ramez
Abildgaard, Tune
Ablagon, Elodie
Abouhossein, Reza
Abou-Zeid, Ed
Abrahams, Melvyn 
Ach, Sonja
Achtenberg, Irving
Acierno, Jeff
Aciman, Esin                                
Adamec, Carl
Adamian, Dean 
Adams, Richie
Adato, Benjamin
Adda, Jean Luc
Adda, Valérie
Adkins, Mark 
Adler, Bo 
Adriansen, Henrik
Afchani, Cyrus
Afchani, Edith    
Afshani, Zia
Ager, Ray 
Agerskov, Mette B.
Aghraman Yan, Samuel
Ahlberg, Elin 
Ahmed, Sam
Ahmet, Ergin 
Aimonen, Erkki    
Akay, Bayram 
Akers, Sam    
Åkerstrand, Håkan 
Åkesson, Ralf 
Akirov, Sami    
Aklil, Farim    
Aklil, Karim
Aksahin, Brian 
Akselbo, Rikke    
Alard, Serge 
Al-Bakry, Ahmed
Albert, Paul
Alchalabi, Abdul 
Alderman, Carl 
Alessi, George
Alexander, Jona 
Alexiou, Jim
Alezra, Alain
Algar, Brian 
Algar, Margaret 
Al-Halabi, Aboudi 
Alimi, David
Allen, Ellen
Allen, Josophine 
Allsop, Tom 
Alm, Martin 
Almeida, Ana Lucia
Almeida, Roberto    
Alsop, Alan 
Altay, Müge
Altounian, Serigne
Amar, Moshe    
Ambrosius, Anders
Amenda, Doug
Anders, Mark    
Andersen, Brad
Andersen, Casper
Andersen, Daniel
Andersen, Dorthe
Andersen, Gaute 
Andersen, Jacob
Andersen, Jakob
Andersen, Jens G.
Andersen, John
Andersen, Jørn B.
Andersen, Kasper
Andersen, Kim Valeur
Andersen, Mads Peter
Andersen, Martin Lind
Andersen, Morten S.
Andersen, Ole
Andersen, Per Ulrik
Andersen, Ronny 
Andersen, Søren
Andersen, Thomas
Andersen, Tommy 
Andersen, Ulrik
Anderson, Andreh
Anderson, Gavin 
Anderson, Jeff
Anderson, Molly 
Andersson, Ylva 
Andrea, Enzo
Andrescu, Chris 
Andrews, Steve
Andrieu, Frédéric
Andrus, Mark    
Andrysiak, Kristine
Anshus, Mark 
Antonelli, Hank
Antranikian, Mark 
Appell, Robert
Appey, Roy 
Arama, Jac 
Arani, Jamshid 
Arce, Fernando 
Ardisson, Giséle
Arkady, Arkady
Armbruster, Matt
Armbruster, Paul 
Armbruster, Richard
Armstrong, Randy 
Arnaud, Philippe
Arnol, Marv
Arnold, Geoff 
Arnold, Ken 
Arnold, Larry
Arnone, Laurent
Arnott, Paul 
Arnsted, Annette    
Arntzen, Asbjørn 
Aronsohn, Alex 
Aronstam, Marlon    
Arrt, Darryl 
Arshi, Behruz  
Asar, Allen
Asbjørnsen, Knut 
Aschan, Johan 
Åselid, Jørn 
Ashkenazi, Viktor
Ashley, Paul 
Ashmann, Aaron
Ashton, Giles 
Ashton, Ralph 
Askvig, Hilde 
Aslan, Cem
Asplund, David   
Assaraf, Didier
Aste, Thierry
Atchani, Cyrus
Atchani, Edith
Atie, Souhail  
Atkins, Bob 
Attelan, Franck
Auramadis, Alexis 
Austin, Arlene
Austin, Daniel  
Auszmann, Joe
Auty, Wayne 
Avcioglu, Ali
Avercamp, Jens
Avram, Herb
Avramidis, Alexandre
Ax, Mannfred 
Axling, Emma 
Azami, Shahin 
Azcarate, Carlos
Azeroual, Albert
Azoulay, Alain 
Azoulay, Laurent
Azraq, John 


All live backgammon tournament players may submit their details and a photo. If you would like your profile added to the site please write an email to us at and you will be sent a form to fill out.

Players have the right to limit how much information about them appears on the site. For example, as a tournament player perhaps you would like to submit just your name, record of wins and a photo but you do not want your age, marital status or other personal information showing... that's up to you, we only publish the answers filled out in the form that you send back to us.

If your name is on a list but you would like to have it removed, or if you see a name spelled incorrectly or anything else, please let us know by email.

If you play only online backgammon, such as free Internet backgammon, or only in online backgammon tournaments, and have never travelled to a live venue to play in person on a real backgammon board, you should not submit your profile.



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