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in live backgammon tournaments

The Internet Backgammon Database is a collection of profiles of players that compete in live backgammon tournaments around the world. (See players' pages in our Latest Profiles section.)

This site was launched in March 2007 and displays lists of players collected from many sources. There are more than 4,000 names in the database so far and it will grow over time.

We are now asking all live tournament players to check our list for your name. If your name does appear on a list, email us to request a questionnaire, which you can fill out and send back to us with a photo. We will then create your very own profile page like this one and link to it from your name on the list. Your profile will also be be published in the Latest Profiles section

If your name is not on the list, please email us and we will gladly add it and send you the questionnaire to fill out at the same time.

Anyone who has played in a live tournament may submit a profile, however, if you only play online backgammon, such as free Internet backgammon, or only in online backgammon tournaments, and have never travelled to a live venue to play in person on a real backgammon board, you should not submit your profile.

You can find a player profile on in one quick easy step by using the search feature below - just type in the last name of a player first, followed by his or her first name. Or find a name by going to this page and click on the letter of the last name of the player you are looking for.

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The data on this site was compiled by Michael Strato, a backgammon magazine editor and backgammon consultant who has worked with the online/offline backgammon scene for more than 15 years.

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